The pressure is on

I was recently invited to submit my work to a well-known publisher, so between getting my mini e-book published and up on the Amazon site, and working on increasing my web-presence, I've been working on a novel I started 2 years ago before I became a parent. The last few days have seen me polishing … Continue reading The pressure is on

A letter to Procrastination

Dear Procrastination I am writing to tell you that you will not win today. Soaking cannelini beans for tomorrow's dinner and making bread dough for tonight's home-made pizza can wait for this afternoon. You already had my attention earlier when you got me to hang out the washing (in the damp weather I might add) … Continue reading A letter to Procrastination

I think I could call it progress

I've spent so much time focusing on different projects and increasing my online presence these past couple of weeks, that everything else has been neglected. The cat is a mess, the house is running out of food and the fridge is looking malnourished. On the plus side, I have finished two articles, completed two outlines, … Continue reading I think I could call it progress