The pressure is on

I was recently invited to submit my work to a well-known publisher, so between getting my mini e-book published and up on the Amazon site, and working on increasing my web-presence, I’ve been working on a novel I started 2 years ago before I became a parent.

The last few days have seen me polishing the first three chapters for submission and I feel quite excited. I’m fully prepared for the worst case scenario – a “thanks, but no thanks”, but at least I will know that I have come this far.

I have so many ideas and projects bouncing around in my head, it’s difficult to know which to focus on first. I have ideas for at least a further 3 romance novels (one of which was started several years ago and needs revisiting) and want to work on getting my short stories published, too.

With NanoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) coming up in November, and assignments to work on, my list of projects is getting longer and longer. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this event, you have 30 days in which to write a novel – and you must leave your inner editor at the door. Just write, for 30 days, until you have completed a 50,000 word novel. Only after then can you go back and rewrite your first draft. It’s a tough challenge (unless you have the luxury of being able to lock yourself away for a month without moving from your writing den).

On the plus side, I believe I am less than a week away from tidying up my manuscript and synopsis for submission – and therefore I am going to give myself a nice pat on the back. Wish me luck!

For further details on my e-book, please see the page entitled ‘My Books’.


A letter to Procrastination

Dear Procrastination

I am writing to tell you that you will not win today. Soaking cannelini beans for tomorrow’s dinner and making bread dough for tonight’s home-made pizza can wait for this afternoon. You already had my attention earlier when you got me to hang out the washing (in the damp weather I might add) and tried to get me to do the dishes, but I escaped you. You do not seem to realise I have a novel to write and a career to promote.

This is my time, so stop trying to steal it from me by tripping me up with your menial tasks. I shall just walk around them and leave them there until later, when I am ready to deal with them.

Until then, bog off.

Yours sincerely


I think I could call it progress

I’ve spent so much time focusing on different projects and increasing my online presence these past couple of weeks, that everything else has been neglected. The cat is a mess, the house is running out of food and the fridge is looking malnourished.

On the plus side, I have finished two articles, completed two outlines, published my first ebook and launched this blog site. I’m not sure how easy it is to add pages to Blogger, as I found WordPress more user friendly in that area. Although trying to do it at 10:30 at night with stinging, bloodshot eyes might have had something to do with that. Subsequently I have created this blog with a page for links to the books I have for sale (presently just the one).

I’m also currently trying to reorganise my work space following the need for a new printer. I’ve gone wireless – and I LOVE it; no more having to get the printer out and setting it up on the kitchen table each time I want to use it. It’s now tucked away in a neat little corner. Except the rest of my desk is spread all over the floor as I got sidetracked by a toddler tantrum (my daughter, not me).

My next project will be my novel. I won’t say too much about it just yet as I want to see how it unfolds, but there will be a heroine, internal conflict and ultimately a love story.

Watch this space.