I think I could call it progress

I’ve spent so much time focusing on different projects and increasing my online presence these past couple of weeks, that everything else has been neglected. The cat is a mess, the house is running out of food and the fridge is looking malnourished.

On the plus side, I have finished two articles, completed two outlines, published my first ebook and launched this blog site. I’m not sure how easy it is to add pages to Blogger, as I found WordPress more user friendly in that area. Although trying to do it at 10:30 at night with stinging, bloodshot eyes might have had something to do with that. Subsequently I have created this blog with a page for links to the books I have for sale (presently just the one).

I’m also currently trying to reorganise my work space following the need for a new printer. I’ve gone wireless – and I LOVE it; no more having to get the printer out and setting it up on the kitchen table each time I want to use it. It’s now tucked away in a neat little corner. Except the rest of my desk is spread all over the floor as I got sidetracked by a toddler tantrum (my daughter, not me).

My next project will be my novel. I won’t say too much about it just yet as I want to see how it unfolds, but there will be a heroine, internal conflict and ultimately a love story.

Watch this space.


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