NaNoWriMo · Successes and Failures

I have joined the NaNoWriMo winner’s circle!

It’s official, I have actually crossed the finish line and completed my 50,000 word NaNoWriMo novel within 30 days. For those of you who want to know how I did it; not only have I been writing furiously alongside #NaNoWordSprints on Twitter, snatching sessions when I can, I’ve even taken to writing on my smart phone… Continue reading I have joined the NaNoWriMo winner’s circle!


A flagging mess, a sore throat and a pep-talk

Oh, bugger this. I have just sat down to work on my novel – instead I find myself drawn to writing a blog post about it instead. Two days ago, I blasted through 40,000 words. Then as I slowed to a halt at around 43k, I realised that I already had the ending worked out and… Continue reading A flagging mess, a sore throat and a pep-talk


NaNoWriMo update… 14K to go!!

It’s day 20 in the NaNoWriMo world of writing. In order to have written a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, I should be on or around 33,340. My total word count to date, is 36,024. I logged on this morning, stared at the page for the umpteenth time and thought “where am I?” I’m not sure… Continue reading NaNoWriMo update… 14K to go!!


Hello, 30,000!!

I am delighted to announce that I have just passed the 30k mark in my NaNoWriMo novel. I’m still not any further forward with choosing a title for it (I have played around with a few, but none seem to quite fit). I hit a stumbling block earlier. At around 28k, I was stuck on… Continue reading Hello, 30,000!!


Where do I go from here?

I ended last night’s brief writing spell with a closing line, and now I don’t know where to go with it. I am actually sitting here with writer’s block. Prior to this, I would have said that I didn’t believe in writer’s block, that it was just an excuse to stare at a blank page.… Continue reading Where do I go from here?


NanoWriMo update! 20,000+ words!

So it’s day 13 of NanoWriMo. Today’s total word count target is 21,671 words. I’m at just over 20k so I’m pretty pleased with myself. I didn’t write on Saturday; I was exhausted, so spent two hours working on my web presence instead. Somehow that was easier than trying to dredge up words which didn’t… Continue reading NanoWriMo update! 20,000+ words!


NaNoWriMo… And other stuff

With the start of NaNoWriMo being 1st November, I dutifully wrote my first 3,335 words in the first two days of the month. Then Saturday 3rd saw me attending the Writers & Artists conference – Self-Publishing in the Digital Age – which was extremely insightful, inspiring, and buzzing with energy. I am on Twitter, I… Continue reading NaNoWriMo… And other stuff