NaNoWriMo… And other stuff

With the start of NaNoWriMo being 1st November, I dutifully wrote my first 3,335 words in the first two days of the month. Then Saturday 3rd saw me attending the Writers & Artists conference – Self-Publishing in the Digital Age – which was extremely insightful, inspiring, and buzzing with energy. I am on Twitter, I have a blog and I am considering setting up a Facebook page, however I had no idea how many other social media platforms there were available to me. There can’t possibly be enough time to maintain them all! I do have a self-published book on Amazon, 7 Simple Ways to Survive on a Budget, which I am not presently promoting, simply because I am focusing on other projects including NaNoWriMo.

In the previous week, I was concentrating on getting my manuscript for The Girl Who Had Nothing polished and sent out to a publisher. I have a lot of work to do, including increasing my online presence further, updating my author page on Amazon (if you haven’t already done so – do it, it helps people find your book, as Jon Fine – Director of Author & Publisher Relations at – demonstrated).

On another plus note, I did have an email reply from the aforementioned publisher, advising that my submission has been passed to the editor for consideration. I will have several weeks to wait for an answer, but any response is an encouraging one.

Back to NaNoWriMo, I have been faithfully banging out the words on the keyboard while Mini-Me sleeps and am pleased to confirm that I have covered more ground in catching up with myself. I’m only 5 day overdue now and forecast to finish on 5th December, as opposed to the 19th December which was yesterday’s estimation! I’m quite intrigued to see where this story is going, as I didn’t even write a synopsis before embarking on this journey; I just plucked an idea from a list and ran with it, no prior planning involved. At some point I will plan out the major plot points in the story, as I don’t want to find myself or my characters drifting aimlessly through the story.

Small Person is now awake and has progressed from singing to herself from her cot to shouting at me. Time to go for lunch, shape sorting and stories.

Good luck to all you other Wrimos out there!


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