NanoWriMo update! 20,000+ words!

So it’s day 13 of NanoWriMo.
Today’s total word count target is 21,671 words. I’m at just over 20k so I’m pretty pleased with myself.
I didn’t write on Saturday; I was exhausted, so spent two hours working on my web presence instead. Somehow that was easier than trying to dredge up words which didn’t want to participate in making something beautiful. I love writing. I love how a story can flow from the depths of your mind to the tips of your fingers and spill forth all over the spanking new page. But working under pressure is not easy, which is why I’m so incredibly proud that I’ve come this far. When the stats told me I have 29,746 words to go, something leaped inside me. I think it was excitement, to see that the end is in sight. I can see that no matter how terrible this novel may be; the novel which started with no synopsis, one character with no name and absolutely no prior planning – in fact it was called ‘Chapter One’ for the first ten days – has the very strong possibility of becoming a finished novel.
I have the plot outlined now, although I’m not quite sure how the ending is going to pan out just yet. I’ve had an antagonist walk in without an invitation, still unsure what his part is in the story, and I have written my characters into some difficult corners and wondered how they’re going to wriggle out of them. But I think that’s pretty good going for my second NanoWriMo. In my first NanoWriMo, I admitted defeat quite early on with a mediocre 14k.
The great thing about NanoWriMo is that it gives you several boosts. It hones your writing skills; it teaches you discipline; it forces you to set a target and stick to it. For me, the best part about NanoWriMo is having the bare bones of a story with which you can work, characters you can really get to know and explore a whole new world with, and if you don’t win (which I WILL this year!!), it’s ok. Because you have come this far. Because when you revisit it next month, or next year, you just might find a way to make your original idea spectacular. Without that, without ideas or foundations, we wouldn’t have stories.
So keep writing, Wrimos. Push yourself. Weave your story and get it finished. Just imagine the amazing sense of achievement you’ll be basking in when you reach the finish line.
After that inspiring blog post, I’m off to get some chocolate and flex my typing digits. I have a novel to finish.

2 thoughts on “NanoWriMo update! 20,000+ words!”

    • Thanks Lindsay! It’s really energising to have the support of other writers out there… I hope this post will inspire other people to reach their targets so they can aim higher next time. 🙂

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