Feeling a little flat?

It’s that stagnant moment between finishing NanoWriMo and getting organised for Christmas. It’s only just December and therefore too soon for me; but then I am quite disorganised when it comes to personal affairs. I don’t like to be forced into doing something before I’m ready.

I intend to wait until the New Year before beginning revisions on The Gateway, so that I can look at it with a fresh mind once all the chaos of the festive season has died down. As mentioned in a prior post, I have another novel in progress about a girl who had everything and lost it all (incidentally called The Girl Who Had Nothing), which started life in NanoWriMo 2010, and I’ll be focusing on that next.

I must confess that I’ve had a little break for a few days; not just because I was knackered, but because the little one and I have been a tad poorly with a nasty cold virus (similar to ‘flu, but not ‘flu – those who have had it know the true symptoms and it’s horrible. Temperature, aches and pains and hallucinations. Anyone with a few sneezes and blocked sinuses who tells you they have ‘flu is lying).

We’ve bounced back now though and I’ve been busy sending out query letters for articles and following up emails. In the meantime there’s a host of novels I’m eager to read (a definite perk of what I do now). I’m looking forward to being able to put more reviews up on Goodreads and, well, Read More Books.

So that’s just a little update of what I’ve been up to, and hope to have more news soon.

Has anyone else won NanoWriMo and felt a little anti-climax, wondering what to do next? Or are you super organised and have therefore already planned your work for the month?


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