Book Review: Blood Shadows by Lindsay J. Pryor

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Blood ShadowsBlood Shadows by Lindsay J. Pryor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When this book was released, I was looking forward to an exciting love story between the heroine and a very, very, bad vampire. Blood Shadows, however, blew me away. The writing hooks you from page 1, the tension apparent immediately. This debut novel from Lindsay J. Pryor gives exactly what it promises, and more.

The story is an addictive mix of thrills, passion and on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense. Be prepared to be left breathless, not least from the turn of the last page, but throughout the whole story. The characters are so life-like that as the reader, you will find yourself in the world of Blackthorn, watching the action unfold as if you were seeing it in a movie. Yet at the same time, the writing transports you inside the mind of the protagonist so well that you could be living their story yourself.

If you’re looking for something new to sink your teeth into, this is the story you’re looking for; because this is more than a just a tale of romance. This is a sensual and exciting thriller which will definitely leave you wanting more.

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8 thoughts on “Book Review: Blood Shadows by Lindsay J. Pryor

  1. Wonderful post Fiona, you put it so well. I too kept feeling like I was watching a movie. Ms. Pryor has such a way with words. I loved how she let her readers know this really yummy bad boy was actually salvageable.

    1. Hi Amity, thank you for your lovely comments. I totally agree; one of the most important things for me in a story is to feel like I’m right there in the action. Lindsay delivered it with icing on top. 🙂

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