I have officially joined the reject pile

Remember in October when I said I’d sent a submission off to a publisher?

Well, I had my first official rejection letter on Wednesday. It was in electronic format, for which I was quite grateful, as the email came through while I was out for a leisurely walk to our local farm shop in search of some nice steaks for dinner. The air was fresh, the sun was shining and my lungs were bursting with clean, country air. Exercise always helps with positivity and there was always Hubby’s birthday dinner to look forward to later that evening.

In short, it was a very nice rejection letter, telling me that they appreciated the care and effort which had gone into the submission (I’m so glad that showed; that’s good, isn’t it?). They felt that the stories and the characters hadn’t been developed enough yet, which I must admit, I agree with. It’s not easy sending a submission of a story which isn’t finished, but I suppose I was attempting to do something I do frequently throughout my life, which is act quickly. I know that these things will take time. I really do. I think I even knew it would be rejected. So why did I send it? Perhaps I was so keen to get that one off my desk so that I could concentrate on NaNoWriMo 2012 and that’s why I didn’t wait to develop the story further. Perhaps it’s because I started it in 2010 and have felt like a stranger to the characters and their story. Perhaps I wanted to get rejected. The funny thing is, I’ve been developing it further in the last few weeks and it’s only now that I’m almost halfway through the story that the characters are starting to get interesting. Except now I feel a bit like I want to rewrite the beginning completely. So the question is, do I continue with this one or do I put it to bed and concentrate on other projects?

My main focus for the rest of this month will be to get articles published in both a trade journal and a children’s publication. It’s part of my course and I really want to crack on with it. February will see the second draft of The Gateway. It’s been 2 months now and I’m starting to get a little itch to dig it out and read it, as I can’t even remember half of what Emmeline got up to. There’s lots and lots of research required for that one too.

Anyway, waffle aside, I just wanted to report that piece of news. It’s not just about the successes. It’s about the knock-backs, too. It’s about the ability to say “OK, that one didn’t work, but it’s fine, because I’ll do this instead. I’ll persevere.” A wise man once taught me that perseverance is the key and he wasn’t wrong. I married him.


5 thoughts on “I have officially joined the reject pile

  1. Sorry about the R Fiona at least you had some feedback with it. Glad you are so positive I’ve decided it’s the only way forward. Take care of yourself. J

    1. Thanks Jane, it’s hard sometimes to stay positive but it is the only way, as I say, you only fail when you give up! It’s also the only way we know how to improve. Even without feedback, there’s still the opportunity to look at the work objectively at a later date, with fresh eyes. Thanks for the kind comment 🙂

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