Honestly, I was wheelie scared

I had a good, productive day yesterday. I took my 1 year old down the park, did lots of research, and ran a few errands in the afternoon. I had company last night and when my visitor left at 10pm I went to bed with the intention of delving further into the chick-lit book I’m currently reading, The Tangled Web by Lacey Dearie. I can’t sleep without the window open at night, so I whipped the curtain aside to invite the cold, crisp air in and froze as I noticed the gate to our garden was wide open and I heard a scuffle. Not only was it wide open, but there appeared to be two people skulking around outside the gate. The first one I deduced was either a dodgy youth or very short, but whom I only saw fleetingly, putting doubts in my mind later as to whether there was just one person, and the second intruder was taller and slinked past the gate into the darkness. A small dog barked aggressively and I stood there for a minute, rooted to the spot, waiting for them to reappear. Perhaps it was our neighbour walking the dog. But why was the gate open? Was the noise I heard when I went to open the (still shut) window, the intruders opening the gate? Had I scared them away by appearing at the window? In true ‘brave parent’ style I pelted down the stairs, threw a jacket on and shoved my feet in a pair of fluffy lined boots then flew outside and bolted the back gate. On returning, after peering out of all the windows in the house and double-checking that everything was definitely locked, I went back to bed and eventually fell into a restless, disturbed sleep. Anyone who is tired and looks out into the night can easily see shadows and believe that there are things there. Doubt was dancing in my mind and I kept trying to reason with myself that it was just the neighbour walking their dog, yet the feeling of unease remained. As a result of such a spooky night and poor sleep, I fancied a bowl of kitty kibble for breakfast, apparently. Fortunately I realised my mistake when I looked down to discover what had arrived in my cereal bowl.


As for the intruders, it turns out that it was indeed our neighbour walking their dog. The gate? It hadn’t closed properly after the last person went through it. The dodgy youth? Next door’s wheelie bin which was being put out – by our neighbour – for collection in the morning. My mind is now totally at rest, but needless to say, the gate is now well and truly bolted and I think it’s time for an early night (after The Vampire Diaries of course). Sleep easy! 🙂


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