Update – The Gateway

I had some really nice feedback on The Gateway today, and the reader told me she’s interested in seeing more (thank you, Jane!:-) ). I’m still working on the second draft (practically rewriting, actually, as I’m changing the viewpoint) and have already been debating whether to post the second chapter on the blog and also on Wattpad. I have reservations about doing this simply because I still have a large amount of research to do and feel unsettled at the thought of putting something out there which is as yet unfinished. Of course the novel is written, in the first draft stage, but there are plenty of loose ends and anomalies which need to be tied up too. On the other hand, it’s really encouraging that people want to read more and I find myself wanting to polish up Chapter Two and get it out there. Because hopefully more of the story will increase interest. But then there is the other dilemma I’m faced with; I’m still not sure whether I want to try the traditional publishing route first or head straight to self-publishing. Both have their pros and cons. I’ll think on it a little bit more but hopefully I’ll be in a position to supply you with more of the story in the near future,
even if it’s only the next two chapters.

In the meantime, I’m working on an interview with a new upcoming author, of which I hope to have more details to share soon.

If you haven’t yet read the first chapter of The Gateway, you can do so here: The Gateway – Chapter One


2 thoughts on “Update – The Gateway

  1. I think you should definitely publish,whichever route you choose. Maybe post snippets as your revision goes along. I would buy because I love the idea and want to see how you develop it. Happy writing Jx

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