For Vampire/Paranormal Romance fans


Today I’m jumping on board for the official launch of paranormal romance novel Blood Roses, the second in the Blackthorn series, where humans live alongside vampires in a dystopian world. Vampires who just want to live their lives without prejudice, away from stereotypical beliefs and prophecies… or so they’d have you believe. A world filled with danger lurking around every corner, where romance threatens to unfurl like a dark rose in the least expected circumstances.

Lindsay J. Pryor’s first book in the series, Blood Shadows, was a fabulous hit with fans of this type of fiction back in November.

Now she’s back with Blood Roses – another promising tense and dangerous love story which I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Twilight fans – Blackthorn vampires do not sparkle.

Shades of Grey fans – the sexual tension in this series will knock your socks off.

Vampire Diaries fans – think much, much darker and you might be ready to step into Blackthorn.


Lindsay writes thrilling, fast paced romance which you’ll either drink in one sitting or have to put down simply for a breather!

As a current fan of vampire fiction and an avid reader looking for something a little different to my usual chick lit, I was delighted to discover Lindsay and the Blackthorn series. I would never have thought of reading Paranormal Romance but am very glad I did. I’d highly recommend you try this fabulous new creation; you won’t be disappointed.

You can read my review of Blood Shadows here.

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Book Review: Can’t Live Without by Joanne Phillips

Can't Live WithoutCan’t Live Without by Joanne Phillips

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Single mother Stella Hill wakes up one morning to find her kitchen on fire, which in no time at all has spread throughout the house and her home is up in flames. What isn’t destroyed by the fire is ruined by water damage and Stella loses everything she ever thought she couldn’t live without. What follows is an amusing account of her journey to put her life back together and the obstacles she encounters along the way, including some disastrous dates and a healthy dose of self-discovery.

This is the second self-published novel I have read and I am delighted to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The author has set the book in Milton Keynes, a town with which I am very well acquainted having spent a large chunk of my adult life living and working there, so it was good fun to read about settings so familiar to me.

The novel is cleverly written from both the first person and third person viewpoints, so you not only get to read the story through the heroine’s eyes, but Joanne effortlessly transports the reader inside the minds of the other main characters too.

The story arc itself is also very well constructed, with an adequate amount of enjoyable sub-plots; just enough to make you temporarily forget about the underlying love story until you are reminded in one of those ‘ooh yes!’ moments (a bit like the cliff-hangers you’re reminded of at the beginning of a program you’ve not seen for a week). All pending questions and loose ends are naturally and neatly sewn together for a pleasing and thought-provoking ending.

If you’re a fan of chick-lit, with dry humour, lots of inciting moments and an underlying romantic element, then try Can’t Live Without and support a very inspiring, hard-working Indie Author. Well done Joanne Phillips on a great first novel.

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Guest Blog Post over on Lacey Dearie’s Tangled Web

Morning readers and fellow writers. It’s been a hard slog recently with our new Springer Spaniel pup, Charlie, but I’ve actually managed to sneak an hour to myself in order to get some admin/blogging done, and boy do I feel better for it! I start to feel trapped if I’m not in control of my own destiny and I hate nothing more than feeling restrained.

Today I’m guest blogging over on the site of Lacey Dearie, Scottish Indie author of Baked! and The Tangled Web. Lacey is one of many Indie author’s I’ve met during my time on social networking after leaving the security of a full time job in favour of a better work/life balance, and she is very hardworking and inspiring.

Please feel free to come over and say Hi!

Lacey Dearie’s Tangled Web – Guest Blog Post – Fiona Chapman

Fiona xx

Welcome to the crazy household

I feel like I’ve fallen out of cyberspace over the past few days – my activity on social networking is all but non-existent, bar a few automated posts. I don’t like sending them, but those that I do send I like to think will provide a decent amount of thought and inspiration for readers, and it’s the ‘likes’ and the re-tweets and the re-pins which tell me that even if I’m working behind the scenes, I’m still able to communicate with other social network users and can at least make an impression. 

So where have I been recently? There have been some health issues which appear to be sorting themselves out, but the biggest reason for my lack of activity has to be the new addition to our family, our new Springer puppy Charlie (Yes, ‘Charlie Chapman’. Has an interesting ring to it, don’t you think? Just be thankful that Charlie isn’t a baby boy because if my husband had his way, the poor child would be ridiculed for life. Fortunately for our offspring, she escaped this quirky and comical naming due to being born a girl and my refusal to allow her to be called Charlotte).

Both Charlie and my 1-and-a-1/2 year old have had me running round in rings after both of them. The wee spaniel was only 8 weeks when he arrived with us a week and a half ago and we are just about getting there with the toilet training. There is still the odd accident but with the help of Google and a training manual our neighbours very thoughtfully provided for us, we are beginning to establish a routine for Charlie. This, of course, has to be worked around our daughter’s routine as well, and if any of it gets messed up, the end result is a terrible tantrum and a boisterous pup. It’s no wonder I’m totally exhausted and tearing my hair out. Fortunately, things are starting to get a little easier as Charlie calms down and our toddler gets used to him being around; she’s beginning to realise it’s not such a good idea to dangle her comforter above his nose. 

Did I mention we have two cats as well? One of them is a sweet-natured ginger tom. I think he would be quite good pals with Charlie if it wasn’t for the fact that our other moggie – the ginger’s mother and an unpredictable naughty tortie – keeps hissing and spitting at Charlie and has attempted to swipe him a couple of times. As a result the poor puppy (who just wanted to make friends) now barks ferociously at both the cats.  Add to the mix a “young adult” (who turns thirteen this month) and you have a mental setup. I think my husband is beginning to unravel at the seams. I’m just about still sane. Thankfully it won’t always be like this. I’m already starting to see a change in Charlie as training is coming on in leaps and bounds. He knows ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘leave it’ and ‘watch me’. The last two need some work in the hope that he and the cats can live in harmony. We’re also working on ‘drop it’ – I don’t fancy wrestling a dog for the next few years each time I want to put my shoes on to take him out or having him slide around the house by his teeth on my trouser legs…

This is a totally new experience for all of us, having never owned a dog before. I knew it would be a lot of work but really didn’t appreciate how much. Charlie arrived sooner than anticipated too – after years of talking about getting a dog, my dear cunning husband brought him home after months of secret planning as an unexpected surprise! People aren’t kidding when they say it’s like having a baby in the house. Except I think a newborn baby would be easier, at least it would stay still!  

Do you have a dog? What training ‘fun’ have you encountered and what do you remember about the first few days?