For Vampire/Paranormal Romance fans


Today I’m jumping on board for the official launch of paranormal romance novel Blood Roses, the second in the Blackthorn series, where humans live alongside vampires in a dystopian world. Vampires who just want to live their lives without prejudice, away from stereotypical beliefs and prophecies… or so they’d have you believe. A world filled with danger lurking around every corner, where romance threatens to unfurl like a dark rose in the least expected circumstances.

Lindsay J. Pryor’s first book in the series, Blood Shadows, was a fabulous hit with fans of this type of fiction back in November.

Now she’s back with Blood Roses – another promising tense and dangerous love story which I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Twilight fans – Blackthorn vampires do not sparkle.

Shades of Grey fans – the sexual tension in this series will knock your socks off.

Vampire Diaries fans – think much, much darker and you might be ready to step into Blackthorn.


Lindsay writes thrilling, fast paced romance which you’ll either drink in one sitting or have to put down simply for a breather!

As a current fan of vampire fiction and an avid reader looking for something a little different to my usual chick lit, I was delighted to discover Lindsay and the Blackthorn series. I would never have thought of reading Paranormal Romance but am very glad I did. I’d highly recommend you try this fabulous new creation; you won’t be disappointed.

You can read my review of Blood Shadows here.

Click the banner at the top of the page for a free extract of Blood Roses. Alternatively you can get the full kindle version here!


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