Back from a lovely break down in the West Country!

After a productive morning sending emails and catching up with people, I thought I’d just write a quick post before I head off for lunch and some errands/chores this afternoon.

You may have noticed I was a little quiet last week. Luckily for me, we were away down in Dorset for a few days to recharge the batteries. Having not had a holiday since last year, it was well needed. It was still busy and rife with challenge – with a toddler and a puppy – but with copious amounts of fresh air and exercise it was stress-free and wonderful. We went on lots of dog-friendly and buggy-friendly walks, with the exception of a National Trust walk at Langdon Hill, where we chose to go off the beaten (and buggy-friendly) track to try and find a ‘magical’ copse complete with streams, but as our little one slept in the buggy and Charlie began to flag, we decided to follow our noses and head back through a very craggy field teeming with cowpats to find our way back to the car.

Stonebarrow Hill seaview

With a five-and-a-half-months-pregnant me being pulled up the hill by an impatient puppy and my soldier of a husband climbing the steep rugged field while towing the buggy behind him, I think we used muscles we never knew we had. It was hard work but exhilarating (although I wouldn’t recommend rambling with a pushchair to anyone) and we rewarded ourselves later that afternoon with an amazing lunch at a pub in Bridport (the Crown Inn) where my husband had a 1lb home-made burger and I devoured a home-made steak and ale pie with chips and veg. We ate the lot, which was a large lot as you can see!

The Crown Inn lunch

A change of scene is just what’s needed to quiet your mind and take a break from the day-to-day stuff, even if only for a few days. I didn’t do any writing while we were away (it was an impossible feat) but did return feeling ready to take on the world. Business ventures are fermenting in my mind (which may or may not be feasible – given the fact we have a baby due to join our brood in September) and I feel full of enthusiasm for everything on my to do list. (Prior to the break I would merely look at it and run and hide. It’s not just the writing, that’s the pleasurable bit. It’s the spring-cleaning, good-old closet-sorting-out, the house-hold admin and the stacks of filing which keep staring me in the face and mocking my inability to tackle them).

So just remember, it doesn’t matter what you do, whatever your vocation or how you choose to live your life; it’s imperative to make time for a break away – even if it’s a last-minute camping trip (make sure the weather is nice before you book) for a couple of days. Seize the opportunity to collect your thoughts and be inspired by a new place.

With our expired passports gathering dust in the ever-increasing admin drawer, I’m always grateful for our green and pleasant land and all it has to offer for its native holiday-maker. Whether you’re seeking sun or just looking for some down-time, what holiday plans are you looking forward to this year, or have you already been?


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