Time for a quickie

I apologise in advance for the innuendos in this post. It’s my fourth wedding anniversary to my husband today and I blame him for the tone. Earlier today, he informed me that next year, I’d get wood. Of course I’d like to know why I have to wait twelve months for it. 

Why am I blogging and writing on my wedding anniversary? I’m not totally heartless. My dear husband is in fact working a night shift, so it’s just me and my laptop, the cat, and the noisy evaporating fish tank.

So I thought I’d log on before I begin work and share a little inside information about how my relationship with my husband blossomed. It wasn’t all Gerberas and Chrysanthemums (the lovely flowers presented to me this morning). From the day we first met in our local pub, he stalked (for want of a better word) me. I was the new barmaid and he – a frequent punter – made it his mission to catch me. It was a classic case of boy meets girl, girl plays hard to get (girl isn’t interested) and boy plays harder to catch the girl. There were many cases of eyes meeting across the crowded room, lots of stolen kisses, and several cries of ‘you’re not my type and I really don’t want to get involved with anyone’. One night he told me I was going to be his wife, and I laughed in his face. I told him he was crazy. But, the chemistry was undeniably there and here I am now, six years later and thankful that he persevered. 

Anyway, diversion aside, I’m about to crack on with the rewrite of The Gateway – which, by the way, is over seventy percent complete. I’m making great progress. 

So there you have it. Just wanted to share a little progress update. I told you it’d be quick. I hope you weren’t disappointed. 

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