The Summer Sun Award – With a Twist

I have the hilarious Shehanne Moore to thank for this additional nomination of The Summer Sun Award – so as I’ve already gracefully accepted I decided to post on behalf of the heroine of my work in progress – Emmeline Sweetman of The Gateway (temporary title).

Thank you Shehanne for so kindly nominating me for this award again and labelling me as inspirational, it’s an honour 😉

As summer is almost over (sad, yes, but it’s true – once September arrives we’ll be inundated with chilly mornings and leaves littering the roads – unless of course we’re blessed with an ‘Indian summer’, here’s hoping), I won’t be tagging anyone else for this, but thought I’d join in and just add a little twist – what perfect opportunity to introduce you to Emmeline.

To recap, the rules state the nominee must link back to the person who nominated them (see Shehanne’s blog link above) and answer a selection of summer related questions… and then nominate a further eight chosen ones (but as previously mentioned, I’m going to break this rule).

Here’s the award, which I must also display on the blog:

summer sun award

Right, this is for you, Emmeline, you might be a moody little madam at times but thanks for being the inspiration behind the story I’ve found myself writing you into (along with that sexy train guard of yours, Mr Jennings).

So, we’d really like it if you could answer us the following questions:

Favourite song with summer in the title or the lyrics:

‘Er, thanks for the nomination? Crikey. *Presses lips together and frowns* I think it would have to be ‘Cruel Summer by Ace of Base’. It sums up how I feel right now. *Sings badly* ‘It’s a cruel, cruel summer, leaving me here on my own…’ Ahem.

Favourite book about the summer: 

‘Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” It sums up my love life fabulously well – disastrous and a real calamity.’

Favourite hot summer film: 

‘Oooh – Cocktail – I would love to live on an island and be wooed by someone as gorgeous as Tom Cruise… unfortunately he’d probably not look twice at me. I’d love to be the heroine in that film – Jordan. My favourite scene is the waterfall one.’

Favourite summer memory:

‘Favourite summer memory? Are you kidding me? I can’t remember the last time I got to enjoy a summer… Unless you count the years before I was an adult with too many responsibilities. I do remember camping holidays as a child, we used to stay on the south coast and go crabbing and fish for mackerel in the sea. I guess that’s why I love the seaside so much now, it’s calming and invokes happier memories.’

What books will be in your suitcase this summer?

‘Anything engrossing enough to keep that persistent Mr Santini from bothering me on the train. He keeps appearing out of nowhere and engaging me in conversation. He is really beginning to grate on my nerves.’

What hottie would you most like to be sharing the hot days and long nights with this summer?

‘That’s easy. Jack Jennings, without a doubt… That smile, those electric-blue eyes, that strong, finely etched jaw…. But wait, I’m not that kind of girl! What the hell are you inferring?’

Of course, Emmeline, you just keep telling yourself that. 🙂 

Read the introduction to The Gateway here, and check out my Pinterest board here to see my visuals of the main characters in this story.


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