Time for Love – So You Think You Can Write 2013

Time for Love – So You Think You Can Write 2013

When I stumbled across this writing contest last year and met so many wonderful writer friends and mentors, little did I know I’d be entering my own manuscript into the competition this time around. The top prize in the contest is a publishing contract with Harlequin books, leading publisher in romance novels throughout the world. While I can’t see me winning first prize, I do hope that this entry will at least be a great opportunity to showcase my work. (Of course, I would be jumping up and down and screaming for about a week if I did win!)

The last few weeks have been spent polishing the first chapter and writing a pitch for the contest, while revising and editing the rest of the novel in its third draft. It’s a really exciting time, improving the story, fleshing out the scenes and increasing tension between the characters.

For me, the best part about writing is actually living the scene for yourself, and that’s when the best of my work shines through. It’s wonderful to be able to visit another world through a story, and trying my best to deliver that world to the readers. 

Now, three days into the contest, I’m keeping everything crossed that I can make the top 50 finalists with Time for Love. It’s a nerve-wracking time, and the only thing I can do to pass that time is to keep on writing. 

Originally entitled The Gateway, I feel this novel’s new title really sums up the story. If you haven’t already read the entry, please do have a look and let me know what you think – just click on the link above. 

Huge luck to everyone else entering the contest – anyone who has written a novel knows what a hard slog it is – so a pat on the back to all of us who have come this far! 

Fingers crossed 🙂 


Prologue vs Chapter One

I attended my critique writing group last night, which was free manuscript evening, whereby we all read one of our current projects. So I took the opening chapters of my work in progress, consisting of a prologue and the first chapter.
I had some great feedback and with one suggestion in mind, I have a question:

One of the group commented on my use of a prologue and suggested I make it the first chapter, as she said some people don’t bother reading a prologue. If it’s skipped in this book, it could cause some confusion as it’s fundamental to the story, but I feel it’s too short to be a first chapter. The second chapter is a completely different scene so they’re not appropriate to be placed together in the first chapter. What are your thoughts? Do you read a prologue? I do, but thought it would be prudent to check with other fellow readers.

Look forward to hearing your responses 🙂