Book Review: The Dragon Legacy by Jane Hunt

The Dragon Legacy by Jane Hunt My rating: 4 of 5 stars I don't normally read books which travel into the realms of fantasy, unless it's something to do with vampires, preferring instead to be transported by film or television. So when I read The Dragon Legacy by Jane Hunt, I was pleasantly intrigued. Fleur … Continue reading Book Review: The Dragon Legacy by Jane Hunt

Homeschooling, or ‘unschooling’

In a break from tradition, today's post is triggered by a guest on Daybreak this morning. It sparked some interest and has already caused a stream of differing opinions on Twitter. In Scotland, one woman chooses to let her children stay at home rather than go to school, and they 'learn' the necessary subjects at … Continue reading Homeschooling, or ‘unschooling’

Another NaNo win, another novel

Last Friday, 29th November, I was delighted to cross the National Novel Writing MonthΒ finish-line at 10:50pm -Β onΒ a Friday - when most other people my age were down the pub, or spending time with their families and partners. Our kitchen was being decorated over the weekend, and I needed to keep little Miss Chapman out of … Continue reading Another NaNo win, another novel