When the Blind Man spoke – 1, diseased-cataract eyes.


“You do not speak to it…”
– Father Lucas Trevant

The Rite, Mikael Håfström

“How long have you been blind?…” The journalist asked, staring cautiously at the blind man. Especially his eyes. His cigarette smouldered with faint curving clouds of smoke.

“Blind?” Confusion fell over the blind man.

“… the cloudy white… the, over your eyes… that, cataract!” The journalist continued.
“Anyway, I’ve not heard, anything go bump in the night… so far.”
“You,.. How long did you hear the sounds, being emitted inside your home? The voices, or voice?”

“3 days back…” The blind replied.
“So, where are they?”

The blind man didn’t respond. He continued to stare at the fluorescent bulb, as it seemed.

His head raised towards the bulb, his chin edging forward, his nape leaned back. His diseased-cataract eyes, bulged and wide. Like there was no iris, pupils. The whole of it was clouded. Despite…

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