Book (short story) review: Laura’s Locket by Tima Maria Lacoba

Laura’s Locket: A Dantonville Chronicle by Tima Maria Lacoba

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Do you remember your first love, or your first holiday romance? That inspiring, amazing experience all those years ago when all you could think about was the sexy, mysterious guy who fleetingly crossed your path? Holidays can be the paradise which dreams are made of, a time when you’re at your most relaxed, when everything is a great adventure and your inhibitions are tossed out of the window.

Laura Dantonville knows all about this when she takes a trip to Italy with her two girlfriends, and meets the mysterious Philippe Reynard, who simply appears out of nowhere and vanishes just as quickly right before their last date. It’s obvious Philippe isn’t your regular guy out for a quick holiday fling, but a compelling gentleman, who emerges from the shadows to sweep young, innocent Laura right off her feet. Who is he, and why is there a slight hint of danger and suspense?

This short love story is thick with intrigue and wonderfully descriptive:

‘[the full moon.] There it hung, like a celestial pearl, its ribbon of light casting a liquid trail over the sea.’

Aside from taking a little trip into the romance and beauty of Italy, Laura’s Locket provides a perfect little insight into Miss Dantonville’s tale in Bloodgifted, and is currently free on Smashwords until 7th March.

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The author is also running a competition to win the beautiful locket as featured on the cover of Laura’s locket, details here.

For more insight into the Dantonville Legacy, you can read my review of Bloodgifted here.


2 thoughts on “Book (short story) review: Laura’s Locket by Tima Maria Lacoba

  1. Fiona, thank you so much for that lovely review. I’m overwhelmed—it almost brought me to tears. Hugs to you from me ❤

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