ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award

Okay, so I’ve been nominated for this award twice now and it would appear there is no getting away from it.

Thank you hugely to Lindsay J Pryor (check out her awesome website and books) for the first nomination, and Jane Hunt (author of her exciting debut – The Dragon Legacy) for the second nomination. I feel if I don’t do this now, I may be receiving a third nomination, so here is an A-Z of things which are important to me, just for a bit of fun! 🙂

A is for affection – the amount that just one child can offer, and how a hug from such a little person can warm your soul.

B is for Bailey – our ginger and white cat, a complete stupid soppy soul who I watched being born, and will put up with anything from our 2 year old – just a month younger than him.

C is for cats – my favourite animal. We have two of them. I’ve always grown up with them, although I don’t class myself as a ‘crazy cat lady’. Not anymore, anyway. Not since I got married and didn’t have to worry about being eaten by Alsatians.

D is for Dad – I had two of them, and sadly both are no longer with us. But I consider myself lucky for having two such wonderful role models in my life, even if it wasn’t for as long as I’d have liked.

E is for Emmeline – my first true heroine and the leading lady in my novel, Time for Love.

F is for flood – what I think the garden is going to do while I listen to the rain lashing against the window pane.

G is for G-Raff, the name of my daughter’s favourite comforter, who I am also oddly attached to. If she ever lost him, I don’t know who would be most upset…

H is for hungry – I’ve spent too long on here tonight and now must forage for food.

I is for Innocent – how I try to look when I play a practical joke on my sister. I always fail.

J is for Jogging – something I’d love to do but never quite get around to it…

K is for Kip – something I dream about doing when I’m older, when the kids have left home, and a marathon writing session with my wonderful Twitter support crew leaves me ready for a cheeky afternoon nap!

L is for Leo – my Antagonist in Time for Love. He leapt out of nowhere onto the page, and pretty much wrote himself.

M is for mother – mine is the bees knees. I thought I’d put her in here to see if she’s reading the posts. 😛 Hi Mum!!

N is for Novel – and the fact I can say I have written two in two years.

O is for Octopus. How I sometimes feel since becoming a mother.

P is for Poppy. Our beautiful flower-come-butterfly. xx

Q is for Qi – one of my fallback words in Scrabble when I’m stuck without a ‘U’ 😉

R is for Robert – the name of my first and favourite teddy bear, my Grandad and another two legends in my family 🙂

S is for silly – how I act when there are no kids about. Responsibility can be a heavy burden.

T is for the Tiara I wore on my wedding day – the only day in my adult life I could get away with wearing one, and feeling like a princess.

U is for Us – family, friends, writing support crew. We pull together and make a great team. We wouldn’t be so damn good without each other.

V is for Vampire Diaries and my #TVD girls. You all rock.

W is for water and its healing properties. Drink it, swim in it, play in it, bathe in it. Did you know your body is made up of about 70% water?

X is for xylophone and my concern over how a child is supposed to get their head round learning that letter of the alphabet when the English Language is so… odd!

Y is for Yoga – my favourite past-time and a great excuse to wear my ‘yoga pants’. Just ask my husband. On second thoughts, don’t.

Z is for Zebedee from The Magic Roundabout and the lampshade and curtains my sister and I had as small children. Oh the small things that stick with you!

I believe I’m supposed to tag someone else now, so I choose the following lovely ladies to display the logo and give us an A-Z of what’s dear to them…

Shanah Wooldrage
Catherine Coles
Michelle Smart

Take it away, ladies, over to you! 😉


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