Green (muddy) fingers

A couple of weeks ago, something strange came over me and I decided to settle into the sofa and watch an episode of Gardeners’ World. I rarely watch TV, and when I do, it’s usually only ever Corrie or TVD (the writing crew close to my heart as well as close friends and family will be all too familiar with this acronym). I confess to enjoying Lifestyle programmes, such as house buying, building and renovating (think Location, Location, Location; George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces) some cookery/grow your own veg series (Hugh-Fearnley Whittingstall is always a fave) and when I stumble across it, a nice relaxing gardening programme. But when most folk are settling down to a night in front of the TV, I’m usually reading or writing. Except on this particular day, I sought out Gardeners’ world on catch up TV. Perhaps it was the frame of mind I was in, for I was immediately transported into a world of possibility for our almost blank canvass back garden, and I realised that even though our garden is the size of a postage stamp, we too could have a tree in the form of a Morello Cherry. Not only does it have beautiful blossom in spring, but it bears fruit for delicious autumn/winter puds as well as being an ideal attraction for wildlife. So I went out and bought one the very next day. What followed over the next few days was a three-day search for the right container for my new baby, as after digging down less than a foot I hit concrete (I was not happy). We now have a lovely ceramic container, although it will probably need replacing for a bigger one in 5-10 years.


Since buying our first tree, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks researching, reading and inspecting gardens everywhere, as I seem to have got ‘the bug’.

The most I’ve ever accomplished before starting with this garden is a couple of containers in the summer filled with annuals, which I used to water religiously morning and night, so to start planning features in our (very) small garden is both daunting and exciting. I’ve neglected to mention the climbing roses, and the honeysuckle and clematis, which we planted last year and the year before respectively. It’s slowly starting to take shape, and that’s the wonder of it; seeing things grow, deciding which beauty to plant where, studying different aspects of shade, light and location. Last week I also bought another honeysuckle to go with our new tree, then searched five garden centres for a chocolate (cream) vine, which is one of the best climbers for a shady aspect (example below).


(Photo from

Eventually I’d like this little corner of the garden to be a cosy morning-sun catcher, enveloping its visitor in delicious fragrance as they catch the first rays of the day – the only aspect in our garden which gets the sun first thing in the morning.
Spring is a wonderful time to try something new. What are your hobbies? What are you most passionate about? Writing is my first passion, now it appears gardening might well be my second. I’m a total advocate of nature and I’m on a mission to create a wildlife haven, regardless of the size limitation. I’m dreaming of birds, butterflies, bees, a hedgehog and maybe even a miniature pond.

Do you have ‘green fingers’? What’s your favourite part of gardening?



9 thoughts on “Green (muddy) fingers

  1. Looking pretty Fiona! If I wasn’t the Grim Reaper of plants I would be a keen gardener too. I love Location, Grand Designs and DIY SOS. I enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a transformation. Kind of like changing a word into a sentence, and a chapter into a book 🙂

    1. Thank you Tracey! I’m sure you’re not really the grim-reaper, haha. Get a Spider plant. I’ve had mine years and never fed it. Poor thing only got watered when it got pale. I’ve since re-potted and fed it, though, and it’s now very happy! I love the writing analogy, so true! Xx

  2. Fiona, what a lovely post! I can see that little sunny corner covered in clematis, climbing roses and honeysuckle, with a scent so delicious you’ll be drawn to spend time there. Since I left my compact inner-city unit, I’ve enjoyed building up my own garden, learning which plants like what and where. But, it’s been through trial and error. Hate to think how many plants I killed while learning how to garden!

    1. Hi Tima 🙂 Yes, I remember your FB post with your plants, they looked very pretty. Is nice to see some of you have an equally keen interest in all things green, must be something to do with us being creative types. I’m so glad you can see my vision, most people glaze over when I rave about it, lol. X

  3. Loved this post Fiona and your picture is lovely. You’ve inspired me to do a blog post on my garden which is in mid renovation. Amazing what an extra set of doggy paws can do your lawn. Our new patio which Vin put down this weekend is much more practical 🙂

    1. Thank you Jane 🙂 Will you go for some container plants then, do you think? I look forward to reading your post then, am always intrigued to see other people’s garden ideas xx

  4. It looks lovely Fiona. I don’t have a garden but I love creation, it amazes me how beautiful it is. And to have a garden where you can be creative is so nice. Will you be making a writing corner in the garden somewhere? Great for when the sun is out.

    1. Hi Lorraine, thanks for popping by! I would love to make a little writing corner. I’m hoping to find a bench small enough to fit in there (anything over about 3 ft will be too long). That would be wonderful to write under the honeysuckle and cherry blossom 🙂
      Have you got a windows ledge? You could do a nice windows box with some fragrant blooms to float through an open window, or something pretty to brighten the view on cooler days. Xx

  5. Hi Fiona I’m nominating you for A Very Inspiring Blogger Award :-)

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