Out of body experience, dream, or just a bizarre hallucination?

“I prised my eyes open, and yet couldn’t seem to fully open my right lid. As I struggled to sit up off the bed, I looked down at my right arm, crooked at the elbow and curled up next to my head in my usual sleeping position, except I felt nothing but numbness. Horrified, I stared down – it was as though this arm belonged to somebody else – and then recoiled as I brushed the pale, cool skin in my attempt to climb over the dead limbs beneath me.  As hard as I tried to move, I couldn’t, and I still couldn’t see properly for my distorted vision in my right eye. My physical self wouldn’t let me leave. In one last struggle to break from the numb body beneath me, a force so incredibly strong pulled me back, curling me in to myself. And then I woke up.”

I wrote the above right after I woke up, following a nap during the afternoon. Unsure whether suffering with a throat infection or hayfever allergies, I had taken an antihistamine tablet, lay down on the bed, and closed my eyes. The experience was so vivid, I couldn’t be sure whether it had been real, or just a dream. Of course, after coming round and reading back on what I’d written, it might well have just been a very lurid dream. But I know others have had similar experiences, some describe them as out of body experiences, others describe them as hallucinations.

I’m interested to hear if anyone else has experienced anything so scary and real. Recent reading has provided peace of mind that it was simply a case of sleep paralysis. The mind is a powerful thing, using images and sensations learned through incredible special effects we can see on television, as well as intricate detail put across to us in story-telling. In hindsight, the entire concept feels and sounds ludicrous when trying to explain it. However, it is a fascinating subject, and now that I’ve actually lived it for myself, I was rather intrigued, and had to share.


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