The day I met Lindsay J Pryor

BlackthornMany of you are aware that I am a huge fan of Lindsay J Pryor‘s work, and continually rave about and promote her Blackthorn series.

So imagine my delight when I was invited to join her for lunch recently, as a surprise for her 40th birthday, all arranged by her amazingly organised and dedicated husband, Tim Pryor, in the beautiful, historic Stratford-upon-Avon.

Back in 2012 when I first left my day job to pursue full-time motherhood along with a career in writing, I met Lindsay through Twitter (although apparently she ‘stalked’ me – I thought it was the other way round), and went on to follow her progress as she went from contest entrant to published author with new innovative publisher, Bookouture within a matter of months. It certainly wasn’t a quick or easy path to publication for Lindsay, but she now has three published (and I must add, best-selling) books under her belt, just part of a whole other world that lives and breathes in her mind and notebooks. This world is otherwise known as Blackthorn, and she’s been nurturing and growing her creation for a number of years. She is hugely talented, and has become somewhat of a mentor to me, giving me some much-needed feedback on my work, and supplying me with tips and hints which to an author aspiring to publication, are like gold-dust. Lindsay dedicates a huge amount of her time to her fans, and always finds the time to answer them, so I always feel especially privileged when she still finds the time to chat over email and social networking. We have a huge amount in common and have often talked about meeting up, so the fact that I was going to meet her over a birthday dinner in her honour (without her knowledge) was such an exciting concept.

Fiona Lindsay Christine
Me, Lindsay (centre) and Christine (right)

I’ll never forget the moment I walked into the room. Everyone had been deep in conversation and Lindsay just stopped mid-flow and said ‘is that Fiona? Oh my gosh!’ and then rushed over to greet me with a huge hug, complete with tears and adrenaline shakes. You can read Lindsay’s wonderful story of her birthday week here, when she got to meet myself and fellow author CC MacKenzie, as well as the lovely Tracey Rogers the day before. Sadly I didn’t get to meet Tracey, so that’s next on the agenda! 🙂  Tracey has her own story of the day she met Lindsay, which you can read about here.

Ms MacKenzie is equally as lovely, is a wealth of knowledge and absolutely hilarious. I’ve never been so entertained in such a length of time. We arrived at 12:15, and didn’t leave the restaurant until 16:30, when I regretfully declared that we had to go and relieve my mum of her babysitting duties.

Needless to say, I came away from Lindsay’s birthday lunch absolutely buzzing, having had so much fun, and gleaned so much inspiration and information, that it was one of the best birthday parties I’ve been to in a long time. Compared to two years ago, I’m moving in totally different circles now, and I can physically and mentally feel my life changing. I can feel the shift, and I can confidently say, more than ever, that my decision to follow my dream was truly the best one I have ever made.

Thank you Tim for making it possible to meet Lindsay, and thank you Lindsay for sharing your birthday with me, it was an absolute honour! 🙂


7 thoughts on “The day I met Lindsay J Pryor

  1. Thanks Fiona for making the journey to join us along with Paul. Lovely post and thanks for the link :0) Lovely to meet you both and look forward to catching up with you again when you visit the West Country! It really is a brave first step you have taken and I admire anyone who follows their passion 🙂 I am sure it will all pay off in time. Stick with it and enjoy 🙂

  2. Fiona, thank you SO much for such a lovely post (which brought a tear to my eye all over again). It was amazing to meet you and feel like I’ve instantly known you forever. Thanks again for giving up your time to come and share my birthday with me. *hugs* And I’m so pleased you got to meet Christine. Isn’t she awesome? If you hadn’t escaped when you had to, you would have still been voiceless by the end of the night. We all definitely need to do this again – and you HAVE to meet Tracey in person! xxx

  3. Thanks all for your lovely comments. It truly was amazing.
    Christine really is a wonderful character, I don’t doubt I’d have lost my voice after that length of time, haha! We’ll definitely have to do it again 🙂 xx

  4. Awww this is just wonderful. Lindsay is the best. I read her first book and I was hooked, and she gave me theinspiration to start my writing again, She has even red some of my early draft’s and gave me the confidence to keep going. She is never too busy to speak (twitter/facebook) and is an amazing person and author to boot, I champion her to everyone.
    I am so happy for you thtyou got to meet her

    1. Aww Sharon that’s lovely. Lindsay truly is an inspiration, I was lucky enough to ‘meet’ her online a couple of years ago just before Blood Shadows was published, and I was hooked on her stories from the word go. I’m sure she’ll blush if she reads this, but she does deserve all the credit and praise she gets! Xx

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