Getting the baby into a routine

What is it about 2nd babies that makes following a routine so much harder than with the first?
After being awake since 5.30am, I’ve just endured 20 minutes of solid crying with an over-tired baby, who I’ve been trying to settle back to sleep since 6.00 o’clock this morning.
Routines. There are so many. There’s the Gina Ford method. The Baby Whisperer. Controlled crying. ‘Ferberizing’. Pick-up, put-down. EASY (That’s a routine, by the way. None of these are in any way easy).
Feeding on demand. Timed feeding. Weaning. Weaning from breast to bottle. 
The text makes them all sound easy. Until you have a baby who will only feed to sleep, who won’t take a bottle, and will only drink milk at nap time. And then fall asleep, full of wind, only to wake up again 20-30 minutes later.

I KNOW it won’t last forever, but those who know me, know that I’m a HUUGE fan of structure. Routine. Knowing what I am going to be doing at any given time, and if that changes, god help the person in the line of fire.
Many people say to just go with the flow. If there was any kind of flow you can guarantee I’d be relaxing in it on a flotation device, with a cocktail in hand, enjoying the ride.

On the plus side, at least I’ve managed to squeeze in a blog post.

In writing news, I’m digging out Time for Love again, and peering at it with one eye open. The one eye is nothing to do with sleep deprivation, but more to do with a little bit of fear. It’s been such a while since I visited that story, what if it’s awful? What if I’ve fallen out of love with it and have to start all over again?

But, it’s a start.

And we all have to start somewhere. Once we’ve mastered juggling two small children, a teenager, a shift-working husband (and the need to keep things quiet *snort*), 2 cats and a handful of tropical fish.

Until next time πŸ˜‰ xx


6 thoughts on “Getting the baby into a routine

  1. You’ll both come through this Fiona. Do what you think is right and it will be x
    With respect to Time for Love I am so pleased you are revisiting this, if you want another pair of eyes remember I’m here x

  2. Fiona, how on earth are you even functioning with that little sleep, let alone writing blog posts? Not having never been in the baby realm, I can’t comment on much of what you said. As for your writing though, I’m chuffed to bits you’re digging out Time For Love again. I hope you enjoy revisiting it, even if it is with one eye closed. πŸ˜‰ All the fun is in the rewrites – at least that’s what I tell myself to stay sane. Keep us posted! Hugs xxx

    1. I actually average about 6 hours a night, and until now most of it has been broken up into chunks. Most of the writing has had to take a huge back foot, to my dismay. I will definitely keep you posted though, and wouldn’t have come this far without the best team in the world. Miss you guys and our TVD nights!! Thanks so much for commenting, especially in the midst of Blood Dark! (Can’t wait for that BTW, along with millions of others!) X

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