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Poppy's poem

A single flame wavers gently in our living room tonight, in memory of Poppy Chapman.
Today is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day, and across the world at 7pm, candles are being lit for all those who have lost a baby before or after birth.
For those who don’t know, we lost a baby in 2013 at 27 weeks, to foetal hydrops. I won’t go into the details but I did want to share a poem I wrote for her during the worst point of bereavement, when we had the impossible task of arranging her funeral.
It’s raw, and a little piece of me I only feel able to share now, over 2 years later. She’d have been 2 last month, if she’d not been so poorly and gone full term. We now have another beautiful girl, who is 8 months old now and keeping us firmly on our toes.
But Poppy will always be in our thoughts, and forever in our hearts.
This poem is for anyone who has felt such incredible loss, and I hope they can find a little peace from it. Xxx
Wild flower, free spirit;
Dance lightly as the summer breeze
Caresses your petals
Like Mummy’s breath on tender cheeks
Butterfly wings; rest on blossoms
Of Endless Love and Little Kisses
In the garden grown for you
Filled with memories and wishes
Shimmering star; shine for us
High up in the night sky
Glistening like a suspended tear
Pleading ‘Daddy, do not cry’
For you’ll be with us always
We’ll never be apart
Until we meet again
You are forever in our hearts
Good night little petal,
love Mummy and Daddy
Sleep tight little flower,
Our beautiful Poppy

Donations can be sent to SANDS (Stillbirth And Neonatal Death charity) by texting WAVE15 and the amount (e.g. £5) to 70070. Proceeds go towards improving bereavement care and funding research into preventing baby death. http://www.babyloss-awareness.org

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