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Days out with kids: Brixworth Country Park, Northampton

This isn’t the first time we’ve been here, but as the girls totally loved their ‘grand day out’ (which was meant to be Brighton, but that’s another story), I felt compelled to share this little gem for anyone looking for a spontaneous free* day out.
Situated just outside of Northampton, Brixworth Country Park is free to use, with a choice of three walks, each one a different ability level/distance, so you can determine which route to take before you set off. The shortest route says to allow around 30 minutes, but it took us only 20 minutes.
exploringAdventurous kids will love the wigwam camps to hide out in as you follow the path past wooden replicas of gnomes, foxes and other woodland creatures. There are carved wooden benches and individual child-sized seats, each finished with different leaf-shaped backs. The walks skirt round water and through trees, and it’s perfect for little adventurers to explore and use their imaginations. The highlight of our walk had to be the play area for the girls – rides big and small including a zip slide, a bucket-seat roundabout, a steep slide, and a smaller children’s play area complete with climbing frame and a further two slides; not to mention the giant net-swing which can take more than one child.

We ended our fresh (bitterly cold) walk with four hot chocolates in the cafe. It’s not the biggest, so could potentially get crowded in peak times. But we arrived close to closing time on a Sunday afternoon and grabbed a cosy window seat at the back of the cafe, complete with a number of high chairs for babies and toddlers. Tables were basic, but clean, and the staff were welcoming and friendly.
Overall, a lovely afternoon out for a couple of hours, with minimal spend. We all got some much-needed fresh air and exercise, the girls burned off their excess energy, and the unexpected hot-chocolate treat prevented any post-event tantrums.
Pleasantly tired with warm tummies, we took a relaxed drive through the country  roads, homeward bound for Sunday afternoon cosy snuggles.
The best thing about this kind of day out is the sense of freedom it brings – to just gallivant around in nature, without a care in the world. You really can’t beat a few hours surrounded by the beauty of trees and the tranquility of birdsong, no matter what the time of year.
* Car parking charges may apply, in addition to an optional luxury hot chocolate in the cafe.
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  1. Bob Renwick says:

    What a great review. Living nearby, i took my son to this park a good deal in the past, and it really is as good as you suggest.
    Just goes to show you can enjoy nature at any time of year. Long live our parks!

    1. It really is! I love getting out and about in the fresh air. Thank you for commenting, Bob 😊

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