What Would The Tooth Fairy Do…?

My first baby has just lost her first tooth! I apologise now to anyone who finds this boring or unimportant but it’s a huge thing for her – and me – as I remember that first tooth’s appearance. For mothers in the know, imagine my horror when my five-year-old announced she didn’t know where it was, thought she’d swallowed it and would therefore have to write a note for the tooth fairy! 😱
Quick-thinking and a scout round the house resolved said disaster, as I found the tiniest tooth I’ve ever seen (I’m sure it was bigger when it was in her mouth), lying like a forgotten piece of food under the dining table, looking lost and insignificant.

The panic is over, and I feel relief and a little swell of pride that my daughter has reached that point in her life where her milk teeth will gradually make way for her adult teeth, one by one, and her little face will have to grow into them (cue nostalgic tear and a wistful sigh).

The priceless tooth is now safely ensconced in a piece of tissue, tucked inside a small ceramic keepsake pot, awaiting the arrival of the tooth fairy to take it away for safekeeping and its final resting place. (Where is that, by the way?)

If you’re a mother, you’ll get my excitement. It’s a milestone, a rite of passage. It’s a sign of change. My baby is growing up. I know it’s inevitable, but I can’t help feeling a little sad. 

She REALLY thought she’d swallowed that tooth. You’d notice that, right? Or is that why you dreamt you had swallowed a tooth as a kid? Did you actually lose a tooth (never to be found again) and convince yourself you’d swallowed it while eating your dinner? I mean, what does the Tooth Fairy do if there’s a shortage of teeth? These questions are in danger of keeping me up at night. 

(I’m joking. Nothing is keeping me from sleep tonight. And on that note, I’m returning my attention to the study books.) 

Sleep well, don’t dream about swallowing teeth, will you. 


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