MUM: Here’s why YOU need more ME time

How often do you reflect on your life, where you have been, and where you are going?

We like to set ourselves goals, but then feel like a failure when we don’t achieve or stick to them. Have you ever asked yourself why you didn’t achieve something you’ve always wanted to do? From a dream of starting your own business, to just getting on top of that damn pile of laundry that never seems to deplete?I don't have enough timeIn such a fast-paced world, we never seem to have any time any more. Think back to the last time you sat down with a cuppa, with your feet up, and did nothing. Or read a book, or even a magazine for twenty minutes. When you do sit down, you probably take your phone or your tablet, together with your tea/coffee/insert other beverage here, and spend twenty-thirty minutes on social media. When you’ve finished, you come away feeling unfulfilled, maybe a little depressed, and like you’ve just wasted a whole heap of time when you could have been doing something so much more productive. And the worst part is, you didn’t switch off. You’re permanently engaged, switched on, thinking, planning, and yet you never actually seem to get anywhere.

Me Time
Switch off with a cuppa

Which leads us on to the next point – when was the last time you engaged in a hobby? Went fishing/spent time in the garden/went for a leisurely walk/made something incredible with your hands and heart? When did you last take some time for yourself, to just sit and do nothing. Or catch up on some pamper-time?

Hopefully you’ll be reading between the lines here, but you HAVE to make time for yourself.

This is so important.

When you’re working a full-time job, looking after children, trying to run a household (and for parents, we’re talking about the operations of housekeeping, budgeting, stock-control, personnel management and training, diary management, logistics, team management and motivation, and so much more), it’s essential to book some time out and put YOU first.

You have to look after yourself first, in order to focus your energy on everything else.

Spend some time each day, or once or twice a week nurturing your soul, and you’ll find you’ll feel more energised to tackle everything you want to achieve.

Exercise. Go to bed early. Eat well. Look after your body.

Wake up each morning, motivated to achieve just one thing, and go to bed feeling fulfilled.

It’s a habit that you need to get into, and once you do, you can set your goals. More importantly when you reach a goal, celebrate! It might be a glass of wine/beer, or you might go out and buy something you really want. It’s important to recognise that you’ve worked hard, and you deserve to be rewarded for that hard work. Yes, even finishing the ironing or fixing the broken curtain pole! (Husband – take note).

In our constantly changing world and the pressure we put on ourselves, it’s highly likely that you’re juggling too many balls, struggling to fit everything in.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

But if you can take time out for YOU, you’ll quickly learn what’s really important, and what’s not (does it really matter if there are a few biscuit crumbs on the floor at bedtime, unless you live in Bermuda and need to prevent cockroaches? – I speak from experience).

There will be things that you CAN afford to let go of. Try it. It’s liberating.

Look after yourself. The rest will follow.



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