Mum, Me, More – Parenting Blog

Is it time to release the YOU in MUM?


Quite a few of my followers on this blog are fellow mums who have signed up based on a post I’ve written about Motherhood.

Thanks to my recent marketing qualification, I thought it prudent to migrate all of these relevant posts to a dedicated parenting blog, aimed at us women who are looking for that something more – something more than being Just Mum.

Often we lose our identity when we become a parent. Through no fault of our own; it just kind of happens, and before you know it, you no longer remember who you are or were.

I’d be thrilled if you lovely mums would like to join me over on Mum, Me, More to continue to follow my posts on being a mum and finding your path.

Hope to see you over there 😊😘

In the meantime, I’ll be working on updating this site to concentrate on its main focus; writing and my journey – with links to the Parenting Blog and Other Services.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Fiona xx


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