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Book Review: The Writer and The Rake, by Shehanne Moore

The Writer and the Rake (Time Mutants #2)The Writer and the Rake by Shehanne Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love a bit of time travel romance, so I was looking forward to falling into this story and discovering how the two main characters would stumble across each other – or, in the heroine’s case, appear in the 18th century in the blink of an eye.

Brittany is your classic heroine; she portrays a strong, don’t-mess-with-me, nothing-can-hurt-me-exterior, but as the story moves on you begin to notice cracks in her resolve.

It took me a while to warm to Mitchell, however, as he came across as conceited and totally void of emotion and empathy. Except this is where Ms Moore has written her colourful, full-bodied characters so well. They are perfectly flawed, because no-one is ever as they seem on the surface.
The overall story arc is beautifully chaotic, comical and a touching read. It left me with that wistful sigh of the happy-ever-after, and tailed-off thoughts of… what happens next?

I’ve not read The Viking and the Courtesan, but it’s definitely being added to my TBR pile.

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  1. FIONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My jaw and heart are on the deck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of the latter x

  2. I will set the dudes to reblog xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Ahh awesome!! I love the dudes!! Xxxxx

      1. And I love you. Thank you so very much Fiona. So touched by your words xxxxxxx

        1. It’s a pleasure lovely xxx

  3. You are really kind. I have this reblog queued!! Will get it in I think beofre Cat Cavendish’s –oops did I just say the name of their number 1 enemy. The dudes will whine like nothing on earth !!!

    1. 🤣 can’t wait to read their blog 😆 xx

      1. Of course YOU may be a straight in entry at number one dude enemy. Poor Carolee Croft was at one point! That would work quite well with the Cat post coming up x

  4. Great to read the review of Shehanne’s book here and to “meet” you Fiona! Shehanne is a friend and talented writer so I’m cheering her on 🙂

    1. Aww great to meet you too, Christy! Thank you so much for your comment too.
      I love Shehanne’s work, she has such a distinctive voice 😊

      1. Fiona Chapman you are way too kind. I have a voice I want to strangle actually xxxxxxx LOL

        1. I’ll bet your written ‘voice’ is totally different from your real voice! Xx

      2. My real voice is every bit as sarky. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    2. Christy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You are the talented one.

      1. Fiona Christy writes amazing poetry and has a super blog.

        1. Aww yeah I’ve read a couple of posts and followed her blog, very inspiring writing 😊

      2. She’s been doing a huge series on self help. She also has another blog. A busy lady x

  5. Awesome review, Fiona. I loved the Writer and the Rake too.

    1. Thanks Carolee. Have you read the Viking and the Courtesan? That’s on my TBR

      1. Yes, that’s actually the first book I read by Shehanne and possibly my favourite of all her romances. You’re in for a treat!

      2. Carolee Croft… a mega, sparkling gem xxx

    2. Aw Carolee, yir a gem. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Die Erste, thank you for the reblog xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Book Review: The Writer and The Rake, by Shehanne Moore via @EslarnerZeitung

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