I’m doing NaNo2019


Every now and then I like to download a motivational book, whether that be something to do with self-development or a resource on writing. Last week, on Friday 1st November, I downloaded “How to Make a Living with Your Writing”, by Joanna Penn. Regardless of where I am in my writing journey, I’m always striving for ways to increase my income and combine it all with what I love doing best; writing. That includes client work, blog work on Miss Penny Money, and income from products and other services.

But, once in a while, I need a little boost to help me focus. As I began reading Ms. Penn’s book, that familiar pull grabbed me as she talked about writing novels. She discusses the necessity to write regularly, and the need to carve out a dedicated writing slot when you’re at your most productive. (For me, that’s the morning. Also for me, it’s the best time to go for a run, to read, to do client work and pretty much everything else that I want to get done for the day. But, there are only so many hours).

Novel Number 4

Then I realised the date. I realised it was the first of November, and it’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). So, for the fourth time, I’m embarking my fourth novel. This means committing to writing 1,667 words per day. This is alongside building a blogging business and a writing business while parenting either side of school hours.

Am I mad? Probably. Do I care? No. Why? Because some days, I feel frustrated. I feel flat, and I can’t always pinpoint what the problem is. And yet, when I delve into the depths of my mind, gather feelings and combine them with imagination, something magical happens.

Why I’m Doing This

Expression. And as if by magic, my soul soars and I feel better. Writing is like talking to your best, most trusted friend, who you can open your heart to without fear of feeling vulnerable. You can bare your soul, warts and all, with no worries of repercussion or ridicule.

It’s only when it comes time to share that writing with the world (should you choose, and I really do need to go down that road), that you need to face the judgement and rejection. But, that’s a bridge I’ve not reached yet.

It’s a long and arduous journey, and I have a novel to write. I’ll see you on the other side.

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