5 Steps to Improve your Social Media Strategy

5 Steps to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

You’ve got the Facebook page set up. Your Twitter account is active. You’ve even signed up to Instagram (and are maybe unsure how to use it, but are a little embarrassed to admit it, because you’re not ‘up’ on the latest media app).

So, now that you have your social media channels active, you’ve put out a few posts. There was some initial interest, but you don’t seem to be getting any visibility on Facebook or Twitter, and as for Instagram, how on earth are people to find you?

You might consider running some paid ads to grow your reach or gain some new followers, which may work in the short term. But once your campaign is finished, all goes quiet once again.


What are you doing wrong?

Potentially nothing; but you could be going about it the wrong way.

It’s called social networking for a reason.

Your audience is following you, because they’re interested in you and your business; so don’t just bore them with impersonal content. Make it about them, and try and link it up with what you’ve been up to. And avoid too much self-promotion. Ask followers about their day! People love to talk about themselves. Interact with your tribe.

Be consistent.

There’s so much noise out there these days; if you’re not showing your face on a regular basis, you’re going to get swallowed up in the Twitterverse like a spec of stardust. Your Facebook Page fans will forget about you and go elsewhere. It’s true; if there’s nothing to watch, the crowds will disperse and find their entertainment elsewhere.

Don’t Auto DM. It’s just rude. 

Automatic Direct Messages on Twitter. Remember those shouty faxes and emails you used to receive before the age of internet marketing? The ones where you KNOW the business has no clue who you are, and has just spammed you from a list of fax numbers or email addresses? If you’re using Auto DM, you’re doing the exact same thing to your potential customers, and it’s often the quickest way to be Unfollowed. Nobody likes to be spammed, it’s impersonal. Your customers like to feel important. Your customers ARE important.

Make your customers feel important. 

Did you read the above paragraph? Read it again. Your customers are important. They want to feel special, so make them feel special. Interact with them. Remember them. They’ll thank you for it, and they’ll stick with you. Human beings need recognition. We want to feel that we belong, that we’re part of a tribe, or a community. If you can make that happen, you’re halfway there to turning your potential customer into an existing customer. And you need to keep them that way. Your existing customers are your most valuable customers, so let them know you love them.

Share the love! 

So someone just retweeted your tweet, or shared your Facebook post. Awesome! Now go and thank them. And don’t retweet your own tweet, retweet something of THEIRS first. You’ve probably seen it; Sharing is Caring. So share something of theirs. And go and comment on their Twitter profile/Facebook page/blog.

Network! (It’s Business; only Digital). Personally, there’s nothing that irritates me more than when I’ve gone out of my way to retweet something (and commented with it), only to have it ignored – or worse – retweeted without thanks or returning the favour. That effort I put into sharing cost me time, and money.

There are many other considerations with social media marketing, and so many other channels and platforms with their own little quirks and etiquette. But if you can get the basics right, you’re halfway there.

Social Networking; it’s social, and it’s networking. Use it wisely, and you might just see the results you desire.

More engagement, more growth, more success.

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