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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Blogger?

How much to hire a blogger

You don’t have the time or capacity to write numerous blog posts that may – or may not – be read, so you want to hire someone to take that burden from you. But before you jump right in, there are a few things to consider when it comes to knowing how much it costs to hire a blogger.

Do You Want SEO Content (Optimised for Web Search)?

If you want your website found, this is a deciding factor. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the difference between publishing posts for entertainment, or publishing posts that your customers will find. Posts that have been written with them in mind. Articles which answer the questions they have.

If your writer has SEO skills, it’s a skill worth paying for. Once that content is written, published and optimised for search, it increases the chances of Google and search engines finding your website.

Do You Want Images?

Sourcing images that fit with the article can take time. Not only that, but there are copyright stipulations to take into consideration. It’s not just a case of finding an image from the web, so searching for a suitable graphic can be time-consuming.

If you want your writer to source images, expect this to be factored into the cost, too.

Will You Require Meta Tags?

A meta tag is the description of the article which shows up in the Google search result. If no meta description is given, Google will simply pull a selection of text from the article.

Meta tags are another factor of SEO. If you want meta tags, you want your content to be further optimised for search engine visibility. A good meta tag will be tailored to your audience and compel them to click through.

Again, this is another skill that will determine how much you might pay.

Sharing to Social Media

In order to really make the most of a written post, it needs to be shared to social media at the right time for maximum discoverability.

Not only that, but the message, or introduction, to the post, needs to be enticing enough for your reader to click through and want to read the post.

If you want this as an additional service, consider the value your writer is providing when they craft those words that get the reader to take action.

A skilled copywriter knows which buttons to press to get your reader to click through to your website. Those extra clicks and visits to your site just magnified the entire value of the blog post.

What Do You Want Your Reader To Do?

The main question you need to ask yourself: Is your content is to provide entertainment/information for your reader, or do you want them to take action?

Do you want them to sign up to your newsletter? Contact you to book an appointment, or use your service? Do you want them to click on a product link, buy your product and make you more money?

If you want your writer to get your reader to take action, it’s another factor to take into account. Consider once more the value of the content your writer is providing. When skilled writing increases your income, it’s well worth the investment.

Do You Want Professional Work?

How much does it cost to hire a blogger? There’s a difference in what you pay, what you want, and what you get for your hard-earned money. Here are three tiers of different prices you might pay for a blogger.

Cheap Blogging Services

It is possible to hire a ‘blogger’ or writer for $5. Sites such as Fiverr and other freelance marketplaces are awash with thousands of freelancers looking to earn a living online. The problem is, you get what you pay for.

At that price, it’s unlikely your blog post will be well-researched, well-structured, original work which has taken the writer 4 – 6 hours to write, edit and proof-read. It’s also entirely possible it will be full of spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and make no sense. Which means you’ll probably need to edit it, costing you more time.

Even if your writer does spend 4 – 6 hours of hard work on your post, do you really want to pay someone $5 for it? I sincerely hope not.

Freelance Content Writing Services

If you’re after a blog content writer, you might expect to pay an hourly rate of between $15 – $50 (£10 – £40) upwards.

The end price will of course depend on how long it takes for the writer to create the article, from start to finish. It depends on how much research is involved, and how much time it takes them to gather all the information they need.

It will also depend on their experience.

And, whether you want a content writer, an SEO writer, or a copywriter (see above).

Some writers charge per word. The problem with this, is that depending on the complexity of the job, the writer can spend more time on a shorter article and not be paid their worth.

It also means that more often than not, your writer is working for below the minimum wage. In fact, a writer working full time for a content mill could earn less than $6,500/£5,000 a year.

Other writers will look at the project as a whole, taking all factors into consideration, and charge a flat fee.

Hire a Copywriter

If you’ve read the paragraphs above, you’ll understand how a copywriter can help you, and the value they provide to your business.

A copywriter will turn a reader into a customer, a lurker into an actor, and clicks into sales.

Copywriters are well worth the money you pay for them because the initial work just keeps on giving.

A 2018 survey by the Procopywriters Alliance revealed that the average rate for a copywriter is £342 a day.

So, how Much Does it Cost to Hire a Blogger?

As you can see, there are a few things to think about when it comes down to how much it costs to hire a blogger. It’s not cut and dry.

Ultimately, you need to know what sort of service it is you require, the level of quality you desire, and how much value your writer can provide you.

If you want a customer-service-champion writer with a CIM digital marketing qualification, contact me to discuss your vision and goals for your business. Let’s see what we can do for you.

Are you unsure of the value of a quality, established blogger? Take a look at this post to understand Blogger Power and Why You Need It.

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