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Haven, Lindsay J. Pryor

haven, by Lindsay J. Pryor

It never fails to amaze me the incredible skill that Lindsay J. Pryor has for creating a world - a world that’s been in the making for a very long time. Settings and plot lines and districts and locales, full-bodied characters with enough history to fill a library. 

King-sized room at Hotel Uig

uig hotel, isle of Skye

Sometimes, we all deserve a little bit of luxury. A secret escape, to recharge and get away from daily life. Somewhere remote, where the way of life can be likened to willow branches swaying to nature's soothing melody...

Hard to Protect by Incy Black

hard to protect, by Incy Black

Will Berwick, is about as penetrable as a rock, and his therapist, Dr. Angel Treherne really doesn't like him with his egotistical alpha-male temperament, even if he does have a grief-stricken past.

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