Book review: Blood Torn by Lindsay J. Pryor

Blood Torn (Blackthorn, #3)Blood Torn by Lindsay J. Pryor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I make no secret of the fact I am a big fan of Ms. Pryor’s world of Blackthorn. The first book in the series, Blood Shadows, was a whirlwind, gripping story about fierce, feisty agent Caitlin Parish – from the Third Species Control Division – intent on bringing down the notorious master vampire, Kane Malloy. This story almost prevented me from preparing the kids’ dinner a few nights in a row.

Then came the second book, Blood Roses, and the incredibly dark vampire, Caleb Dehain, who I absolutely loved. I think I loved Blood Roses, with Caleb and Leila – a serryn born to destroy him – more than I loved Blood Shadows (although I’d never have guessed it at the time).

Ms. Pryor creates strong, but seriously flawed heroines, on a mission to take down the enemy they’re destined to fall in love with, but not without consequence.
She likes to put some serious obstacles in the way of these couples, leaving you wondering how on earth they’re going to come through it unscathed.

I got my ‘claws’ into Blood Torn by downloading it as soon as it was released, and spent an entire evening into the early hours reading the first half. I’d have pulled an all-nighter if I could, because the threads Ms. Pryor kept spinning kept me turning, page after page after page with questions, desperate to know what happened next.

The first two books follow the story of two of the key players – the two most powerful vampires – in Blackthorn.

Blood Torn, on the other hand, is all about sexy Lycan leader Jask Tao, and Phia McKay; the sharp, impulsive younger sister of Leila from Blood Roses, and she’s intent on bringing down ALL of the Third Species leaders. What she doesn’t count on, though, is Jask being a force to be reckoned with, someone who challenges her very being, her reason for existing and all of her values. He breaks her down, gets under her skin, and gets into her head and she’s powerless to stop him, although she certainly gives it her best shot. As with all of Ms. Pryor’s books, we are left with a Happy For Now, but there are some mammoth challenges left in the way, all leading up to what I expect will be a massive show-down – yet to be revealed. Once I’d experienced all the action and conflict (and not to mention steamy scenes) unfold between Jask and Phia, a feeling of deep unease crept over me at the prospect of the next book. Because while we have a Happy For Now, Ms. Pryor has laid the path for an even darker journey into the next book, a taster of which is provided at the end of Blood Torn. I read the first chapter horrified, then gasped as it came to an abrupt end. Because, although disturbingly dark, I was so embroiled in the lives of the characters of Blood Torn, so wrapped up in their world, that when I got to the next part of the story, I simply wasn’t ready to leave Blackthorn. Alas, I shall just have to wait until Blood Deep is released. Or read all three books again.

Once again, a fabulous instalment from Ms. Pryor. Absolutely spectacular.

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Book Review: Blood Roses by Lindsay J. Pryor

Leila's-Story‘Love him though she may, she would never, could never trust him.’

Blood RosesBlood Roses by Lindsay J. Pryor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

‘Love him though she may, she would never, could never trust him.’

Blackthorn. A dystopian world where humans live alongside vampires and other third species, where vampires and the lowest of the human race are segregated from the rest of society. A world where whispers of a vampire prophecy threatens to overthrow civilisation as they know it, where vampires might one day rule over the first species.

Enter Leila McKay, a serryn witch in denial of her destiny, blood toxic enough to kill any vampire with just one drop. Leila finds herself in an ill-fated encounter with the renowned Caleb Dehain – a vampire perhaps more dangerous and lethal than the notorious master vampire, Kane Malloy, the leading male from Blood Shadows – and must confront her deepest fears in order to save herself and her sister. Caleb is not only a dangerous, calculating and impulsive vampire, but also a cruel, cold serryn hunter with his own demons to face and destiny to fulfill.

In the second installment of the Blackthorn series, Leila and Caleb find themselves thrown together in an unexpected twist of fate, and yet must fight an undeniable attraction which crackles and fizzes between them, the consequences of which could be catastrophic for them both.

Keeping with the theme, Ms. Pryor delivers a fast-paced read with some sizzling hot action, shocking twists and turns throughout the story which will keep you turning right up until the last page, and yet more hints of what is to come in the exciting yet chilling world of Blackthorn. This book has a satisfying ending, but with many questions cunningly left unanswered in preparation for the next book in the series. But, whether or not Caleb and Leila can overcome their obstacles and follow the path of their inescapable attraction remains to be seen – you’ll just have to read the book for yourself, and then sample the exciting opening chapter to Blood Torn – the third in the Blackthorn series. I guarantee you’ll be left eagerly anticipating its release in order to answer yet more burning questions this talented author will leave imprinted in your mind, long after you’ve turned the last page.

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For Vampire/Paranormal Romance fans


Today I’m jumping on board for the official launch of paranormal romance novel Blood Roses, the second in the Blackthorn series, where humans live alongside vampires in a dystopian world. Vampires who just want to live their lives without prejudice, away from stereotypical beliefs and prophecies… or so they’d have you believe. A world filled with danger lurking around every corner, where romance threatens to unfurl like a dark rose in the least expected circumstances.

Lindsay J. Pryor’s first book in the series, Blood Shadows, was a fabulous hit with fans of this type of fiction back in November.

Now she’s back with Blood Roses – another promising tense and dangerous love story which I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Twilight fans – Blackthorn vampires do not sparkle.

Shades of Grey fans – the sexual tension in this series will knock your socks off.

Vampire Diaries fans – think much, much darker and you might be ready to step into Blackthorn.


Lindsay writes thrilling, fast paced romance which you’ll either drink in one sitting or have to put down simply for a breather!

As a current fan of vampire fiction and an avid reader looking for something a little different to my usual chick lit, I was delighted to discover Lindsay and the Blackthorn series. I would never have thought of reading Paranormal Romance but am very glad I did. I’d highly recommend you try this fabulous new creation; you won’t be disappointed.

You can read my review of Blood Shadows here.

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