‘The guard cat’ – Cat World Magazine issue # 419


This week was a happy milestone for me as I had an article accepted and published in February’s issue of Catworld. Entitled ‘The guard cat’, the piece tells the story of my feline friend who was my own personal guard cat and loyal companion during my journey to beat Hodgkins Lymphoma. Poppy was always by my side but is sadly no longer in my life. The best part about this is she’ll now live on in my story.

The tortoiseshell cat in the bottom left corner is my current companion and very similar (albeit with white bits) to her predecessor.

After ‘liking’ the Facebook page of Cat World Magazine, imagine my glee when the image of my familiar furry friend jumped out at me. If you’re a cat lover and read this magazine, I hope you enjoy the article. Issue #419 (February) is on sale now.