Has Being A Stay At Home Mum Affected Your Confidence?

You've had the maternity-leave send off. The baby shower. The baby. Your little bean is finally here - lighting your house, bringing so much life into the four walls you occupy with this little miracle - and definitely not such a 'little bean' anymore. Every visitor you'd ever imagined has come to meet your new … Continue reading Has Being A Stay At Home Mum Affected Your Confidence?

The stay-at-home mum

There's a common misconception about stay-at-home mums. It's widely believed that we do nothing but sit on our behind all day, watching daytime TV, and cooing at the baby playing happily on the floor. In truth, the reality is entirely the opposite. Last week, my sister commented that I had lost weight. 'Your butt has … Continue reading The stay-at-home mum

Call the Midwife

August 11, 2011 'The baby's coming tonight.'Β  I looked across at my husband just in time to see the customary eye-rolling at my declaration. Because this had been the sixth time I'd claimed such an event, going to bed each night adamant that we'd be meeting our first child imminently.Β  'Of course it is,' he … Continue reading Call the Midwife

Homeschooling, or ‘unschooling’

In a break from tradition, today's post is triggered by a guest on Daybreak this morning. It sparked some interest and has already caused a stream of differing opinions on Twitter. In Scotland, one woman chooses to let her children stay at home rather than go to school, and they 'learn' the necessary subjects at … Continue reading Homeschooling, or ‘unschooling’