Back in the land of the living

I feel like I’ve been out of the loop for ages, but I’m sure it’s only been a week.

Apart from some precious time spent in the library, last week was pretty much a write-off, as most of the time I felt really, really lethargic. My daughter had a nasty cold virus, which of course was the reason for my lethargy, as it attacked me next. The introductory pounding headache totally killed off Wednesday and Thursday. I struggled even to read, so had to make-do with TV dramas and other daytime TV. Some may think that’s a luxury, but trust me, it isn’t. I hate daytime TV. Thank goodness for Netflix, is all I can say. In the meantime the washing has been piling up, the nutrition in our meals has depleted and the dust bunnies are on steroids. All I’d planned to do last week went untouched and an overwhelming sense of guilt began to creep up on me.

I hate being ill. I’m more of a ‘get on and do it’ type of person, so when I’m floored in such a manner (or more to the point, resigned to the sofa with an 18 month-old kicking me in the head as she climbs all over her poorly mummy), it throws me and causes unease.
Fortunately, after a couple of days of doing nothing (and half a bottle of lemon squash), I’m starting to feel a bit more normal. You know, like a human. A human being with a purpose.

More importantly, I’ve got solid plans to work on.

For those who don’t know, as well as working on becoming a published novelist, I’m doing a long distance writing course. My latest assignment is to write for a trade publication. This involves knowing (or knowing someone in) the trade or profession you have chosen to write for. I came up with several ideas, all of which turned out to be dead ends. Until I got talking to an associate of mine and suddenly I had a lightbulb moment. Why had I not thought of this before? It was obvious! Anyway, I won’t say any more on the matter as it’s unfinished work (and we never talk about our work unless it’s complete). But providing it’s successful I will of course be supplying details at a later date. I’m reading again now too which means I can travel anywhere I feel like once more. You’re probably thinking ‘so what?’ The thing is, now that I no longer rush around like a crazy person I’m more aware of time and when it passes. So when I’m unable to use that precious time to the best of my ability it feels like eons until normality resumes.

So if you are suffering with this vicious virus that’s doing the rounds, you have my deepest sympathy. Give in to it and wrap yourself in a duvet, drink plenty of water and watch trash on telly. Hopefully you won’t have a toddler clambering all over you. 🙂