Time for Love

He’s sexy, funny & kind. The problem? A relationship isn’t feasible. Oh, & he’s from 1925. And she dreamt him up. Didn’t she?

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When Emmeline Sweetman is involved in a near-fatal car accident, the head-trauma she experiences isn’t concurrent with most after-effects. In fact, the blow to the head releases a lot of pent-up emotion she’s been concealing and, on a train ride to the coast, triggers a glitch in time – sending her to 1925 and mysterious railway officer Jack Jennings, leading her to believe she’s dreamt the whole thing up.

Time for Love, formerly known as The Gateway, is currently hiding in the depths of my computer memory (as well as several other back-ups sporadically saved elsewhere). It took many, many drafts before I felt it was ready to be released into the world, mostly due to several time-hops that appeared in the story without the intention of the author (that’s me). TFL has yet to find a loving forever home.



Labour of Love

A love story about how nothing is ever as it seems, and life is harder than you think. Still in its infancy after only two drafts and requiring lots of rework.

Please do keep checking back here for future updates. 🙂

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