Beautiful Corfe. Have you been?

Corfe Castle is as its name suggests; a castle nestled high on the hill in the village it dominates and lends its title to. As a child, on our way to Studland Bay, I’d gaze wistfully at its majestic beauty, my forehead pressed up against the window as I dreamed of lords and ladies and … Continue reading Beautiful Corfe. Have you been?


The Five Stages of Getting Out Of Bed

Ahh... morning. The start of a new day - filled with promises of productivity, and a list as long as the path to the castle in the beginning of Labyrinth - waiting for your eager-self to breeze through. You bound up out of bed, stretch, smile and shine... And then there's reality. The good intentions are there; … Continue reading The Five Stages of Getting Out Of Bed

Book Review: Hard to Protect, by Incy Black

Hard to Protect by Incy Black My rating: 5 of 5 stars Incy Black delivers once again! Our third hero in the Black Ops Hard to... series, Will Berwick, is about as penetrable as a rock, and his therapist, Dr. Angel Treherne really doesn't like him with his egotistical alpha-male temperament, even if he does … Continue reading Book Review: Hard to Protect, by Incy Black

Travel Review: Uig Hotel, Uig – Scotland

Sometimes, we all deserve a little bit of luxury. A secret escape, to recharge and get away from daily life. Somewhere remote, where the way of life can be likened to willow branches swaying to nature's soothing melody, instead of darting dragonflies dancing to Stravinsky's The Firebird.   Such a place can be found in … Continue reading Travel Review: Uig Hotel, Uig – Scotland

Has Being A Stay At Home Mum Affected Your Confidence?

You've had the maternity-leave send off. The baby shower. The baby. Your little bean is finally here - lighting your house, bringing so much life into the four walls you occupy with this little miracle - and definitely not such a 'little bean' anymore. Every visitor you'd ever imagined has come to meet your new … Continue reading Has Being A Stay At Home Mum Affected Your Confidence?

Why would you let the weather ruin your day?

The sun has disappeared, and we appear to be in the midst of March winds and April showers finally making their annual appearance (albeit two months late). Some days, you just get up and look out the window, and it's wet. Your mood is flattened in an instant. But you don't have to feel flat. After all, … Continue reading Why would you let the weather ruin your day?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

How often do you reflect on your life, where you have been, and where you are going? We like to set ourselves goals, but then feel like a failure when we don't achieve or stick to them. Have you ever asked yourself why you didn't achieve something you've always wanted to do? From a dream … Continue reading What do you see when you look in the mirror?

It’s the best kind of holiday.

Have you ever sat outside on a mild, still summer's eve, gazing up at the blackest sky, peppered with bright twinkling stars and watched a meteor show? Wrapped up in a fleece or a blanket because it's grown chilly, but you don't want to leave the beauty of the night sky, away from the light pollution and noise of everyday living?

This is why I run

Running isn't always easy. Finding the time to get out there, with a group or by yourself, is hard. But once you get out there, you break through the clumsiness, and you find your rhythm. With the wind flowing through my hair, the beats, and the road beneath my feet, it's just me and the … Continue reading This is why I run