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Writer; Mum; Dad, What’s your secret?

Life. It gets in the way of everything we want to achieve. We have jobs to go to. Duties to attend. Chores. Errands. And to add to it all, we get sidetracked easily. We have media and noise thrown at us 24/7. So, how exactly is a person supposed to see any extra-curricular activities through to… Continue reading Writer; Mum; Dad, What’s your secret?

Motherhood · Writing

Has becoming a parent changed you?

Having children changes you. One minute you’re a person, with your own identity, a job – which you either love or hate – and a life you take for granted as your own. The next minute (well, nine months later, obviously) you’re a mum. People lavish you with attention, everything is new and fun and… Continue reading Has becoming a parent changed you?

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I’m curious…

What’s your favourite type of story? I’m keen to start a new project… But I want to put it out there, and into YOUR hands, as the potential reader. What do you like it read? What kind of conflict do you like in your stories? What are your favourite types of characters? I’m not talking… Continue reading I’m curious…

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Be happy. Find your content.

Who doesn’t love a good play on words? This blog post title is my new tagline – for my writing services – launched just last week. Now that smallest person is sleeping through the night (hurrah!) I’ve got SO much more energy and am coming back with a big, hearty bounce. I’m starting with the… Continue reading Be happy. Find your content.


‘Real life’ stuff

When we choose to have kids, we don’t stop to consider everything else that comes with it. The kids in themselves are both a delight and a challenge – from the funky toddler dance to the threenager  tantrums, and let’s not forget how it’s the end of the world when your biscuit becomes two pieces.… Continue reading ‘Real life’ stuff


Book Review: The Dangerous Gift by Jane Hunt

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted one of these, and I’m sure some of you may be wondering if I’ve disappeared off the radar. The thing is, the smallest now-one-year-old-child (together with the four-year-old) is truly running me ragged, and it’s rare I get an opportunity (or, let’s be frank here, a dose of… Continue reading Book Review: The Dangerous Gift by Jane Hunt